CAT5e Cable – Plenum Round UTP, Clear Plug, Snagless, Booted

  • Rated for Plenum CMP and ideal for in-wall installations.
  • Support of up to 1Gbps Ethernet connectivity
  • 24AWG cable compliant with EIA/TIA-568B
  • Premium Sentinel® clear tab snagless molded RJ45 connectors
  • Available in blue cable color
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Pactech’s CAT5e plenum unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables are designed for Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet connectivity. They are backward compatible with Category 5 cables.

The cables are made of solid conductor construction that delivers better electrical performance than stranded conductor construction of regular CAT5e cables. They are CMP plenum rated and designed for running in plenum and air handling spaces of buildings. Their jacket provides fire-resistant and low-smoke producing characteristic.

The cables are fully compliant with UL Code 444 and National Electrical Code EIA/TIA-568-C.2 fire and safety standards. The connectors use T568B pin assignments.

The connectors use T568B pin assignments. All Pactech CAT5e cables are Fluke passed and certified. The test results are available upon request.

The cables are terminated with premium Sentinel® RJ45 connectors to maintain data integrity. The connector cuts down cross-talk by using a One Up, One Down style that keeps the conductors separate and maintains the recommended twist throughout the connector. The clear snagless feature of the connector provides simple cable release from high-density patch panels clean decorative presentation. The molded boot feature relieves strain on the cable.

Please contact us for custom options and let us help simplify your projects:

  • Custom lengths at ½ ft increments
  • Labeling and bundling
  • Quantity discounts for orders of 50+ cables